How do I get involved?

Just click on any of the option headings below to send us an e-mail.  We'll reply as soon as possible, and we guarantee not to pass your details on to anyone without your permission.

1. Join us as a customer

It will help us get started, and set realistic prices, if we can prove there's support for Ergo.
We'll keep you informed of progress and tariffs - if you like what you see, you can join us when we're ready to go.

2. Crowd-fund us

Crowd-Funding is where you give a small donation in return for payments in services. In return for your support, we will discount your bills until you are repaid, plus a bit extra as a thank you.The good thing for you is that you have to buy power anyway, so this is a way of getting the same thing cheaper. In the unlikely event that we aren't granted licences to trade, we will give your money back less any bank costs to process the refund.

3. Make a slightly larger investment

Like everyone else, we need some investment to get going. This would be a great opportunity for someone who has a little more to invest and fancies a bit of a calculated flutter. As with our smaller investors, we'd pay you back in discounted bills plus extra for your trouble. We understand that greater risk needs greater reward, so we'd give a generous rate to those who were prepared to, say, pledge the equivalent of a few months' energy up-front. We expect that you'd have more questions, and that this would need to be a wee bit more formal.