Questions You May Need Answered

What kind of energy will you sell?

We'll be supplying electricity and gas to domestic customers and small businesses. In the beginning, we'll buy our energy in the wholesale green-energy markets. Later, we'll be generating our own green and renewable energy from a variety of environmentally friendly sources.

Will you only supply to the Borders?

No, we'll more than happily accept customers from anywhere in the UK, but we won't be promoting ourselves widely at first because we don't have the budget. We can control our costs better initially by focussing our efforts and staying close to home. We hope the word will spread.

How can you be cheaper?

We won't have the buying power of the Big Six, but then we won't have their overheads either. We won't have big shareholders to satisfy, and our salary cheques won't have so many noughts on.

No shareholders?

We are hoping to attract investment, but not large amounts from corporate investors whose objectives will differ from our own.

Ethical, really?!

We suppose a degree of cynicism is to be expected, but yes, really! Mostly, we don't think that it's right to profit excessively from something other people have to buy. We don't believe business has to be bad, and will try to uphold the highest standards in every aspect of our business and our dealings with other people.

So you're another company on the green bandwagon?

No. That's what we're really trying not to be. We think think there's an awful lot of greenwash out there – companies trying to appear to be something they're not because it helps the marketing campaign. It's hard to get everything right, and there are always trade-offs, but we aim to live by our principles. To a large extent it's for our benefit anyway – maybe our customers don't care about the 'green' part – if they buy from us just because we're cheap then that's fine by us.

Who are you?

We've lived, worked and run businesses in the Borders for 13 years – so newcomers! - but we've worked all over the place first and have strong business and technical backgrounds.

When will you be ready?

We can't give you an exact answer because we can only control our own part of the start-up process, but think it will be a matter of a few weeks. We will issue regular updates on progress.

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